Quality Intercoolers Installed in Ipswich

Are you looking to boost the performance of your vehicle on those off-road adventures? Look no further than an intercooler!

An intercooler is a great device that helps to increase the power of your turbocharged or supercharged engine. It works by using a heat exchanger to transfer heat away from the compressed air that’s going into your engine. This results in cooler, denser air entering your engine, which means more power for you to play with on those tough off-road trails.

There are two main types of intercoolers: air-to-air and air-to-water. Air-to-air intercoolers use the surrounding air to cool the compressed air, while air-to-water intercoolers use a liquid coolant to transfer heat away from the compressed air. We generally recommend air-to-air intercoolers as they are more cost effective and require less maintenance as there is no fluid to maintain.



In 4WD vehicles, intercoolers can be especially beneficial as they can help to improve performance and efficiency on off-road terrain. The additional power provided by an intercooler can be especially useful when climbing steep hills or navigating rough terrain. Additionally, the improved efficiency provided by an intercooler can help to reduce fuel consumption, which can be especially important when driving in remote areas.

When selecting an intercooler for a 4WD vehicle, it is important to consider the size and design of the intercooler as well as its overall efficiency. It is also important to ensure that the intercooler is compatible with the specific make and model of the vehicle.

Top-Mounted versus Front-Mounted:

When it comes to intercoolers, one of the main decisions to make is whether to go with a top-mounted or front-mounted design. Both have their own set of pros and cons and the choice between the two ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

A top-mounted intercooler, also known as a “top-mount” or “TMIC” sits on the top of the engine, typically between the radiator and the engine. This design allows for easy installation and a compact footprint, making it a popular choice for those with limited space. Additionally, top-mounted intercoolers have the advantage of being in a cooler location which can help to reduce heat soak.

On the other hand, a front-mounted intercooler, also known as a “front-mount” or “FMIC” sits in front of the engine, typically in the grill or bumper area. This design allows for larger intercoolers and better airflow, which can lead to better cooling and overall performance. Additionally, front-mounted intercoolers are less affected by heat soak, as they are in a cooler location than the top-mounted ones.

Which brand should I choose?

Here at BB Garage we highly recommend both the HPD intercooler kits as well as the intercoolers offered by Performance Diesel Intercoolers. HPD intercooler kits are known for their high-quality construction and superior performance. They are designed and manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring that they can withstand the demands of off-road driving. Additionally, HPD intercooler kits have been rigorously tested and have proven to increase horsepower and torque, as well as improve overall engine efficiency. They also come with all the necessary hardware and detailed instructions, making it easy for most people to install them on their own.

On the other hand, the intercoolers provided by Performance Diesel Intercoolers are made from high-grade materials and are custom-built to suit 100/105 series vehicles. This means that they are an excellent fit and will provide optimal performance. They are rigorously tested to ensure that they can handle the demands of off-road driving and have been proven to increase horsepower and torque, as well as improve overall engine efficiency.

Overall, an intercooler is a valuable addition to any 4WD vehicle, as it can help to improve performance and efficiency on off-road terrain. With proper selection and maintenance, an intercooler can provide many years of reliable service. Both HPD intercooler kits and Performance Diesel Intercoolers are excellent choices for anyone looking to boost the performance of their 4WD vehicle on off-road adventures. With high-quality construction, proven performance gains, and easy installation/ excellent customer service and support, these intercoolers are a great value for the money.

Absolutely great place, had a major service done and intercooler replaced by these guys and made the world of difference with the car, they picked up and replaced small things that I’ve know needed to be replaced and other mechanics didn’t pick up on it. definitely recommend going here for a service